Monday, October 19, 2020

Ruby Sky - Upcoming Show and Process Shots!

Ruby Sky, 24 x 36, oil on canvas, L. Daniel © 2020
Available in my upcoming show at the Davis Gallery
Evidence of the Search - opening Saturday! 
(Click on the link above for bigger and better image)

Last fall, my husband and I went to Dallas for the Texas State Fair and the big UT/Oklahoma game. As we walked from our hotel to the fair on the edge of town, we came upon the vestiges of an old farmstead. The tall granaries and low slung buildings hinted at another era, right in the middle of the city. Civilization had grown up all around it... so unexpected and oddly pristine. :)

On our way home, the sky put on a spectacular show... I shot a million photos and determined I would try to paint that spot. It took me a few months to get back to it, but when I did, the inspiration was still there!!! Magical moments are like that. 

Here are some process shots to see how the piece came together...

Initial sketch for Placement
Used ultramarine & burnt sienna on yellow toned canvas.

Full Block-in 
Painted the dark values with mix of ultramarine and burnt sienna. 
Stained the sky with alizarin crimson (as under-color placeholder). 

The Sky
 Painted large areas of luscious PINK and YELLOW in the sky, as a base for the cloud pattern. (Dark foreground... established by using tight values and low contrast.)

Grey clouds painted OVER the pink and yellow elements of the sky, and blended a bit on the canvas. Reserved areas of sky color that would best guide the viewer's eye to my focal point... the old granary.

And... for my friend, JM... here is that yummy warm pink made from a little red, a little yellow, and a little white. ;)


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

What an amazing sky!

Sharon L. Graves said...

It is gorgeous and as usual, I learned so much from your process shots. Best of luck on the show.

Laurel Daniel said...

Thank you Penny and Sharon! So glad to have your affirmation! Big day is coming! :) XOXO

Ratana said...

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