Friday, July 30, 2010

Hay Rolls with Summer Sky

Hay Rolls with Summer Sky, L. Daniel, 18 x 18

This is the larger painting of Hay Rolls. I was drawn to the wonderful variety of "rolling" forms in this scene: the spools of hay in the foreground, the undulating tree masses and distant hills, and finally the swirling sky shapes. All seemed to be unified by that summer afternoon in Texas, white bright light that we know so well.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hay Rolls

Hay Rolls, L. Daniel, 6 x 6, SOLD

Sometimes when I am about to tackle a large piece I don't feel quite ready. Maybe I haven't painted for a few days and feel rusty, or maybe the canvas seems just too white... Whatever the problem is, it really helps me to pull out a small canvas to "warm up" on. This is one of those. Larger painting coming tomorrow.
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Personal side note: I just returned from New York City where I was able to visit the Matisse exhibit at the MoMA and the Picasso exhibit at the Met. It amazed me to see how often both of these great artists returned to certain imagery and how they reworked specific pieces over and over. They seemed to have an unquenchable focus on the journey, or the "search" if you will. I was so inspired by the evidence of their committed, focussed practice.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Night Sky over the Pier

Night Sky over the Pier, L. Daniel, 18 x 18
On St. Simons Island in Georgia, everyone goes to the Pier at night... on a walk, on a date, to fish, to eat ice cream, to see friends... on July 4th, to see fireworks. In the summer, there is usually a nice cool breeze off the ocean, which feels pretty great. This is the larger piece done after the small study I posted yesterday.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Luminated, L. Daniel, 6 x 8, SOLD
I did this small study in preparation for a larger night sky painting that I will post tomorrow. The big one is a bit more ambitious as I included a much larger portion of the pier. Isolating this smaller section allowed me to work out some of the color/value relationships and silhouette shapes before tackling it on the grand scale. This can be a very helpful process!!!

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Rain (enlarged)

Summer Rain, L. Daniel, 18 x 18

This is a one of several new additions to my big sky series I have been working on since the beginning of the year. I will be posting a couple more new ones over the next few days. Based on a small plein air study (posted June 27), I revisited a warm summer afternoon of painting on Lake Somerville here in Texas. At the end of the day dark clouds rolled in behind the fluffy clouds in the foreground, and emptied out their contents on the distant shore. It is always fun to be watch a weather phenom in action!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Rusty Red Pickup

Rusty Red Pickup, L. Daniel, 6 x 8, SOLD

Here is another fun vintage vehicle from Carol Marine's junk yard find! I tell you, it was chock full of cool old cars (and lots of other "stuff".) These are such fun to paint because they have gorgeous curves, luscious patina, and loads of personality. And, most of all, it was just great to hang out with a wonderful, sympatico friend, doing what we do!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Old Blue

Old Blue, L. Daniel, 6 x 8, SOLD 

Yesterday I had a wonderful day of painting with my good friend, Carol Marine. We met up in the small town of Burnet where Carol was camping with her family. If you know Carol, you will not be surprised that she had found a junk yard full of old cars and trucks! It was a teasure trove to say the least. This truck appeared to be peeking out from it's hiding place in the trees... (these old vehicles seem to have personalities.) We both got a couple of paintings in before jumping in the lake to cool off. Ah, the joys of summer!!!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sea Oats at Dusk (enlarged)

Sea Oats at Dusk (enlarged), L. Daniel, 12 x 16

This larger version of "Sea Oats" is from awhile back, but I am behind in photographing and posting my work. I have been a little distracted - our daughter got engaged two weeks ago! She and her fiance are not getting married until next summer, but some things (like dates and venue) require immediate attention. Suddenly I am in Wedding Planner mode! :) It's such a wonderful time and we are having lots of fun! We couldn't be happier.

This painting will be available soon at the Anderson Fine Art Gallery in St. Simons Island, GA.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Creek Stop (enlarged)

Creek Stop, L. Daniel, 20 x 24
This is a larger version of one of my field studies from Georgia. This marshland and creek is behind some ruins of an old estate on Cumberland Island. The whole island is a state park now and a herd of wild horses lives and runs free there. Pretty cool. It's a beautiful place.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rosy Billows (enlarged)

Rosy Billows, L. Daniel, 18 x 18

Back to the big skies. I painted this piece for my big sky series back in the spring, but I forgot to photograph and post it. So, here it is, just a little bit late. You may remember the small study. The scene is from West Texas in the Davis Mountains - a beautiful, end of day performance.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sea Oats At Dusk

Sea Oats At Dusk (study), L. Daniel, 6 x 8, SOLD

This is another study for a larger painting that I will post at another time. (I have been working in the studio all week and am a bit behind in photographing.) I love the way colors and shadows shift as the sun goes down. The beach is particularly dramatic in this respect.

Happy Independence Day to All!!
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