Thursday, April 6, 2023

Evening Silhouettes and Process Shots!

Evening Silhouettes Study, 8x8, oil on panel, L. Daniel © 2023

Wishing you all the happiest Easter. He is Risen! He is risen indeed! 

Here are process shots of this piece. It's always fun to see how they come together, and this one had a little bit different start. 

Paper towel wipe out to establish shapes and get rid of the white canvas.

Outlined the silhouette before going in heavy. 

Painted silhouette and orange base for sky.

Pulled dying sky color down into the orange base, defined shapes.

Modified sky and added distant horizon. Popped the lights in attempt to capture the glory of the sky. Always trying... 


Just for fun... here is a large one I did from the "study". The darks gave me fits with photographing, but I thought you might be interested in changes from small to large. I took out the side tree and moved the sun (it felt trapped in the branches on the small one.) And I kept more of the orange. I kind of love this one, and am keeping it... sometimes a girl wants one for herself! ;)  

Evening Silhouettes, 24x24, oil on canvas, L. Daniel ©2023
Painted from the small study above.