Friday, May 29, 2009

Morning Stillness

Morning Stillness, 9 x 12

A quiet pool sits above the upper McKinney Falls and trickles into another pool below. As I hiked down there yesterday morning, this scene caught my eye. I loved the way the angled light hit the grasses and bush in the foreground. I don't think I quite got the glow of it in this painting, but it is stuck in my memory! Now I am off to paint for the weekend with Plein Air Austin friends in Granbury, Texas. How great is that?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Outer Pasture

Outer Pasture, 12 x 12

When I was up in the Chicago area a couple weeks ago, I added a leg to Minnesota to visit my college roommate on her farm. I was unable to paint while there, but did take some pictures. This is one of many pastures in their beautiful rolling hillside. I must go back and bring a few supplies next time!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Marina Cove

Marina Cove, 12 x 9

Memorial Day Weekend is kind of the kick-off for summer boating everywhere. Our little local marina was all cleaned up and ready for action on Thursday afternoon when Plein Air Austin met up to paint there. The "hush" in this cove probably won't return until September!
Happy Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Golden Creek

Golden Creek, 8 x 6

Yesterday was another great day to be outside painting... however, I had to start over 5 times! Some days it's just hard to get in the groove. I hate leaving on a bad note though, so I kept at it. I finally got it together when I decided to pull out a small panel and just do a "study". That small mental shift made a huge difference!
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And thank you, Julie Davis, for the Kreativ Blogger Award! It's a great honor and affirmation!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hamilton Pool

Hamilton Pool, 12 x 16

Hamilton Pool is a bit of a drive out to the countryside. It requires a steep hike "in" and an equally steep hike back "out"... but the trip is SO worth the effort. This pool and collapsed grotto was formed by thousands of years of water erosion; and when we are not in a drought, a 50 foot waterfall spills over the top of this canyon. Before the 1800's, Native Americans lived in this natural shelter because its water and lush plantlife; and its beauty no doubt.

While I was painting today, another visitor played his wooden flute from inside the grotto. The melody bounced off the canyon walls in a gorgeously haunting way. It was magical!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Lost Canyon

Lost Canyon, 16 x 12

Today was a beautiful, blue sky day with cooler temperatures after our weekend rain - perfect for painting. I met up with my dear friend and great painter, Julie Davis, at a wonderful canyon land that runs through town. This path leads to some beautiful sunning rocks in Lost Creek - a popular hangout spot for the teenagers at this time of year.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fiesta Gardens Quartet

Fiesta Gardens Quartet, 5 x 7 each

Friday night I participated in our most fun, annual art event here called "fiveXseven -Art Splurge and Exhibition". It's a big fund raiser for Arthouse, a contemporary art space in downtown Austin. Local artists donate pieces in a 5x7 format (2-D and 3-D, in every media imaginable) and these are sold anonymously for $100 each. We sign the paintings on the back only; and each is solely identified by a removeable label next to it with a number on it. The artists are only revealed to buyers upon purchase. The mystery and surprise adds to the fun.

What makes it really special, and a little crazy, is how the paintings are purchased. On opening night, attendees have an hour an a half to look around. This year there were 1500 pieces donated, so there was SO MUCH fabulous work to see. It's truly overwhelming! Then, right at 9pm, there is a countown to the buzzer... and everyone snatches the tags of the paintings they want. There is serious stalking and hovering; lots of bartering for position; and some all-in-good-fun grabbing. It's quite a scene.

Anyway, these are my "fiveXsevens", and I am happy to say they all got grabbed (except the last one, which was held back for the road show that goes on to Dallas and Houston.) I also did a little grabbing of my own - the barracuda in me comes out at this event! :)

Fiesta Gardens - Dawn, 5 x 7

Fiesta Gardens - Midday, 5 x 7

Fiesta Gardens - Dusk, 5 x 7

Fiesta Gardens - Evening, 5 x 7

Friday, May 15, 2009

Revisiting Canyon Road

Revisiting Canyon Road, 30 x 30

Last week I had a good-sized block of studio time available, in which I painted this 30x30 version of "Canyon Road" (posted 5/5). My goal with these larger pieces is to retain the simplicity and freshness of my original field work, as well as to let the new piece "morph" in it's own direction. My approach? Same process, bigger brushes, way more paint and LOTS of backing up!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lily Pond

Lily Pond, 12 x 12

I have been "missing in action" for a few days - and felt a bit rusty today! (It doesn't take long!) I just got back from a fabulous weekend at my Wheaton College reunion outside Chicago. It's always great to see dear friends and revisit old stomping grounds. A big highlight for me was meeting with Joel Sheesley, my favorite art professor and incredible painter. Life is good!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Lakeside, 6 x 8

Here is another painting from my road trip last weekend to Canyon of the Eagles Park, on Lake Buchanan. There really are eagles there. Bald Eagles nest, live and enjoy full protection in this wonderful sanctuary. Early in the morning, I could see them soaring above the lake.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Canyon Road

Canyon Road, 12 x 12

Last weekend I went to the Canyon of the Eagles Park for a women's retreat with my church. I had heard it was a beautiful drive out there and a great location, so I packed my bags with easel and brushes, and painted my way there. A new road always offers up unplanned gifts; and spontaneous stops are so much fun.