Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Pink Blush - Show Pics!

Pink Blush, 36 x 36, oil on canvas, L. Daniel © 2020
SOLD in solo show (Click for larger view)
Evidence of the Search - on display through November 25

I am so happy to report that my show opening was WONDERFUL! And... we found a way to gather that was safe in the time of COVID. Visits were staggered through out the night, with only 10 people in the gallery at a time. The upside? Conversations could actually be had, and the paintings could actually be seen! Silver linings! ;)

The young woman who purchased "Pink Blush" saw it online, fell in love with it, and immediately called to claim it (I think she used the word "swoon" which made my heart sing.) When she came by to see it in real life, she squealed, "it's even more beautiful in person!" Of course, I began to apologize and explain how hard it is to get a good photo image of a painting... especially a large one... "Oh no", she said, "I LOVE that it's better in person! That's what makes it art, it needs to be experienced!" 

VERY TRUE! She is so right. Art is meant to be walked up to, engaged with... EXPERIENCED! I wish you could all come and walk right up to each piece! 

Here are some gallery shots from the opening... 


And yesterday, I took my parents in for a "private" viewing! 
Aren't I the lucky one?? :)


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I am so happy for you! Of course I knew your showing had to be a success! Your art is lovely.

Laurel Daniel said...

Thank you, Penny!!!! XOXOXO