Sunday, January 28, 2018

Free To Roam and Happy New Year!

Free To Roam, 18 x 18, oil on canvas, L. Daniel © 2018
Available at Davis Gallery

I know I have been missing in action for the last few months, and want to assure you that all is well with me. I have had a couple of kind souls check in on me, and I so appreciate that love and care. My only excuse is that life just got busy!! So here we are. Happy "New" Year, all! ;)

This painting was a fun one for me. I met these audacious little goats several years ago, and have wanted to paint them ever since. They quite owned the land on this ranch outside of Kerrville, Texas, and didn't let anyone get in their way. I loved that about them, and could kind of relate!

You can see from my block-in that I added one more goat to the front of the pack as the painting progressed. I really wanted to portray how very UNDETERRED they were by my presence as they ambled by (although I did get the stink-eye from Billy Goat Gruff in the middle). At the time I was doing a plein air painting from that spot, and I am pretty sure they would have walked right through me if they could have!