Monday, April 18, 2016

Azure Fields - Show Tip #26

Azure Fields, 24 x 36, oil on canvas, L. Daniel © 2016

This spring has been gorgeous in central Texas. The bluebonnets have been especially prolific and colorful. Our beautiful Hill Country specializes in comforting scenes like this one, and they never get old. Each time I see that sea of blue, my breath catches!

Show Tip #26 - Deliver Safely (and On-Time)

Today was Delivery Day and it felt great! The organizing and planning of the last few months completely paid off, and I was not scrambling in the least. As for packing and loading it all up, I admit that I am a bit anal about that. After all that work, I don't want any last minute damage to a painting or frame. I have approached this in many ways, but this time I wrapped each painting with Stretch Wrap (available at shipping stores like FedEx and moving stores like Uhaul). It worked GREAT! The wrap allowed me to stack the paintings in my car without the frames rubbing or scratching, and it kept them from sliding around. Upon arrival, my gallery owner asked me to leave the wrap on... it will help him keep the paintings safe during the installation process. Win-Win!

Picture corners inside the wrap give added protection.

The wrap caused the paintings to kind of stick together and prevented sliding.

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Christi Hough said...

You have done SO much work. I see the passion, painting, and planning that went into this show; I know it will be a wonderful success! see you soon.