Sunday, February 28, 2016

Opalescent Dusk - Show Tip #12

Opalescent Dusk, 24 x 30, oil on canvas, L. Daniel © 2016
Sold in Solo Show, "Chasing Color, Finding Light", Davis Gallery

This misty Hill Country day was challenging... until that dropping sun peaked out. And then, wow, what a reward! The heavy atmosphere brought on a pink shimmer and a quietness that was completely unexpected. My plein air piece captured the other part of the day... cold and flat. Thank goodness for a camera and a very memorable moment! 

Show Tip #12 - Know When to Quit
What I mean by that is... sometimes we over-work. Salespeople call it "selling through the close". This happens when the sale is made but the pitch-giver goes on, actually confusing the situation. I see this in myself and other painters when we don't know when to quit. Sometimes we need to stop because the day is just over. We are tired and depleted of the energy required to make good decisions. But way more often, we need to put down the brushes completely, because a painting is simply done... finished. At that point, to keep painting is to keep "selling", and that can kill the deal so to speak. A good practice is to slow down as you are finishing. Step back a lot, and when in doubt, stop for awhile. Come back with fresh eyes and a discerning heart. 

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