Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Window Light - Show Tip #6

Window Light, 24 x 18, Oil on canvas, L. Daniel © 2016

That big window of light was my main attraction to this room (hence, the title). I love how it floods the room, sending shadows running. Even the little table lamp is rendered powerless. Below is the first stage of this painting... a block-in sketch using ultramarine and burnt sienna to capture the shapes and values. 

Window Light Block-In 

Show Tip #6 - Be kind to YOU

Can we be reminded enough about this topic? Most of us are pretty hard on ourselves when it comes to our work ethic and the search for our "voice". Today I just want to bring up the common sense stuff: we need to eat well (good nutrition = high energy), exercise regularly (stretching and strengthening = physical agility), sleep 8 hours (regular sleep = recharged mind, body, soul), take a day off every week (rest = cleared perspective), and most important - have grace for "failures" (grace = forgiving ourselves and allowing new beginnings). 

I know, I know, Captain Obvious speaks again... just sayin'... When I am sprinting for a finish line, these are the things that I start compromising. I have learned the hard way NOT to ignore the basics.

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Sharon L. Graves said...

Love this. I am working on all these things as I try to improve my health, my art, my life. Thanks for the reminder! Love the way you go at a painting. Thanks for that too.