Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Study for 2nd Large Commission

Bayou Bend Study, 8 x 16, oil on panel, L. Daniel © 2018
Study for 2nd large commission for Methodist Hospital in Houston

You might be interested to know that the idea for my second large commission was designed, submitted, and approved in the mini-version above. Through that study, my client was able to get a sense of the composition, color, and value direction I would take with the big one. Once approved, I stuck as close as possible to the overall "feeling" of the small piece.

Keep in mind that the study is approximately 50 times smaller than this larger, final piece. Just for comparison, here is the large one...  

One reader asked how I was able to keep the overall perspective correct on such a large piece. The short answer is that I backed up... often and a lot. Every time I worked an area or passage, I would back across the room and make sure it still "worked" overall. 

Another thing that helped was to use a projector to transfer the image of my approved study onto the large canvas. This allowed me to capture directional lines and outline major shapes from my design. Once those were in place, I could develop the painting with confidence that the perspective would be in tact. 

Tomorrow I'll share some close ups of the large piece so you can see the brushwork and detail... please stay tuned!

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