Monday, August 6, 2018

Bayou Bend Pathway - 2nd of 3 Ten-Foot Commissioned Paintings

Bayou Bend Pathway, 56 x 120, Oil on canvas, L. Daniel © 2018
Commission for Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas
First of three 10-foot paintings to hang in new North Tower

If you have been following along with my blog this year, you know I have been working on a giant, 3-part commission for the Methodist Hospital in Houston. It's been all-consuming! The second 10-foot painting (of three) was delivered and installed in early June, but I got distracted by the third one, and life in general, so my posting about it got delayed! Better late than never, I say! 

Today, I will begin by showing several process shots, so that you can see how the painting developed from the beginning to the end. I'll be sharing different aspects of the overall process as the week goes on (including close ups and the smaller study I worked from), so please stay tuned!!!!

I began with a sepia tone painted block-in. This first step established my composition and value patterns of light and dark. It became my road map for the rest of the process.

Because the canvas was so large, I worked in sections to cover the canvas. At this phase, I was trying establish the best average value and color range, and focused on large shapes and masses rather than detail.

The middle section... more large shapes and masses.

The last section... shapes, masses. As the canvas filled up, I started comparing areas and thinking about how I would adjust them.

In the final stage, I painted broke up the masses with subtle color and value shifts. This is when the details emerged and final pops of light were placed. The photos are painfully small for such a huge subject, so it's hard to see what I am talking about, I know. 

This gives you a sense of the scale... AND a sense of my joy at being finished! 
Click HERE to see painting #1 of 3.
Two David Sorg Easels set up side by side hold my 10 foot canvas.

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