Monday, August 27, 2018

DETAIL SHOTS of 10-ft painting, and Reveal Party Pics!

Figure Detail 1 - Father and Son
from Tunnel of Trees (56 x 120), oil on canvas, L. Daniel © 2018

I had a lot of fun working the figures into each of these large pieces, and want to spotlight them a bit here (the image of the full painting doesn't quite do them justice.)  This father and son were an extra delight for me, because they are my son in law and grandson!!! I didn't actually have a picture of them walking on this specific Houston boulevard, but I DID have them walking in just the right direction and angle on another street. I was able to pop them into the scene just like they belonged there! Painting them was such a joy that now I want to paint all my kids and grandkids!

Tunnel of Trees, 56 x 120, oil on canvas, L. Daniel © 2018
3rd Commission piece for Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas
I'm including the full painting here, so you can see where each figure appears.

 Figure Detail 2 - Dog Walker
from Tunnel of Trees (56x120)

Figure Detail 3 - The Ladies
from Tunnel of Trees (56x120)

This past Saturday, we celebrated the completion of this 3-part commission project, with a reception at the Davis Gallery in Austin. It was a SUCH fun gathering... I loved being able to share the last painting, IN PERSON, with local friends before delivering it to Houston today! Heartfelt thanks to my friends at the Davis Gallery, and to ALL who came and/or sent kind wishes! 

Here are shots of the party...

Being introduced for Artist Talk by Kevin Ivester, Gallery Director

So fun to see friends...

from all walks of life...

old and new...

Thank you, Eddie, for getting an up close view of that brushwork!!! 


Unknown said...

Very nice painting. How I wish I can see this life size painting along with the painter.

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90K Project said...
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Laurel Daniel said...

Thank you Scott!!! It was quite a great challenge!

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