Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Foggy Field

Foggy Field, 7 x 5
This is the second of four small "color studies" I did to experiment with muted, foggy tones. As explained in my last post, for these experiments I limited myself to two colors (plus white), and mixed them together to find interesting greyish blends. In this one, I used green and violet. (Okay technically, both of those colors were mixed first out of primaries, but I limited myself from that point on.)
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loriann signori said...

Beautiful, quiet, still.

Anonymous said...

these are just getting better and better Laurel! r.

Janelle Goodwin said...

These are beautiful in their simplicity. Great sense of atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

hi Laurel, it's my first visit to your blog. nice paintings! I also love your colour harmony. I'll be back to see again!

Barbara Muir said...

How glorious.

We are having pure blue sky sunshine here. But soon I'll be seeing this kind of scene when I drive up into the country to go to work.

It always takes my breath away. And so does your painting.


Donna Vines said...
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Donna Vines said...

Your fog series is wonderful. I love your idea of limiting yourself to two colors plus white. The effect is so soothing.