Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dissolving to Mist - Enlargement

Dissolving to Mist, 18 x 18

This foggy peninsula, coming and going from sight in the mist, reminded me of the Brigadoon legend. Remember the old musical classic about the village in Scotland that would wake up for just one day every hundred years? At the end of the day, they would all disappear into the mist for another century. (The enchantment kept Brigadoon from being changed by a progressing world.) Okay, this homestead does have electricity and probably even wireless internet access... but still. We can pretend.

Painted from plein air study done on Long Island - Mecox Bay.


Stephen Parker said...

I really love this one, Laurel. The muted color and milkiness of the sky, and the reflections of it on the water are tremendous.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Laurel, you are showing how good composition and values are key by doing these misty paintings. Good lessons here. I spend time each summer in Nova Scotia and it's a foggy place. No cooincidence that it translates to New Scotland :D
Beautiful work.

Marian Fortunati said...

Very nice, Laurel..

I love the way the sun is trying to penetrate the mist.

Love the story too.

Double "D" said...

I bow to the painter of fog and mist.

This one is really beautiful Laurel, so simple
but so expressive. It's an inspiration for me
and I dare say that I will be trying to add some
fog to some of mine. Hopefully with some success.
It will take some time and practice and continued inspiration from you.
Thanks Laurel.