Thursday, March 9, 2023

Streams of Light - Finish It Friday!

Streams of Light, 12 x 16, oil on panel, L. Daniel © 2023

Welcome to some Friday fun! Today, "FINISH IT" FRIDAY! 

Sometimes when I am out painting, I am unable to finish a piece on location. Things happen. A car parks in front of the view, a boat sails away, a storm comes up, nourishment is required, the calendar beckons... you get the picture. It can be anything! 

So... Last week I was plein air painting on the Georgia coast, and this time it was the incoming tide that shut me down! I worked as fast as I could, but finally had to pack up to avoid getting wet. I made some quick placeholders for the clouds, memorized all the shapes and colors, and brought it back to finish in the studio. 

Here is how it went from unfinished to finished... I think the final decisions are always interesting...



What I did:
1) Built out the sky according to my painted notes. 
2) Adjusted shapes, value, and color on the large masses.  
3) Pulled the elements together, paying attention to edges and transition colors.
4) Popped the highlights (always the last thing I do). 

In the final stages, I am thinking about how to make the painting flow cohesively. Some of the questions I ask myself include: Does the light agree everywhere in the scene? Does the perspective work? Does the distance recede? Does the foreground come forward? Where does the viewer's eye go? These are very helpful for determining when I am DONE! :)

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Barbara Muir said...


And I love how you write about it. Nourishment is required. As in I am hungry. I've only done plein air by a tide once. Not a
good idea for me. This is beautiful.


Laurel Daniel said...

Thank you, Barbara! I had to laugh as the water started coming up... note to self, one more check box for planning ahead (at least in certain locations!) :)