Thursday, March 5, 2020

FIX IT FRIDAY! Fixing flawed paintings...

Beach Promises, 6 x 8, oil on panel, L. Daniel © 2020
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Sometimes, a painting just doesn't work. Usually, I chalk that failure up to practice, and just move on. But some of those "bloopers" have captured something. They cry out for a DO-OVER, and just need some minor editing to make them "work". With a little bit of TLC, they transform and offer up lessons about color, value, or composition. Of course, the goal is always to get it right the first time; but this process helps me identify where and how I lose the plot. (It's also a great warm up activity!)

Read on, and tune in for the next few Fix-It Fridays when I will show my experiments with Do-Overs, including before and after shots and a brief explanation of changes I made. 

Fixer Upper #1 - Beach Promises, 6 x 8, oil on panel


Problem 1 - Corridor to beach is too wide and exposed.
Fix 1 - Made opening more irregular, and enhanced dominance on left side. 
Problem 2 - Foliage is skimpy.
Fix 2 - Enhanced all foliage, keeping left side dominant.

When I painted the original piece on location, I let myself get too stuck to what was actually there (skimpy foliage and all). As painters, we want to be free to exaggerate the "feeling" of the scene and adjust reality as needed. I hope I remember this lesson next time I need to change up the scene a little bit! ;)


March 30-April 2, 2020 - Wimberley, Texas
April 16-18, 2020 - St. Simons Island, Georgia
May 8-9, 2020 - Austin, Texas (full with wait list)


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I am going to like fix it Friday!

Angela said...

thanks for sharing this, very much needed advice for me when I get caught up in the scene in front of me instead what makes good design on the canvas.

Laurel Daniel said...

Thank you, Penny and Angela! I'm looking forward to this iittle series and glad you found the first one helpful!!! YAY!!!

Barbara Muir said...

Wow Laurel,

So beautifully expressed. And gorgeous work. Our problem as
artists is that we get inspired by what is, and then want to be
faithful no matter what. Thanks for this.


Laurel Daniel said...

Thank you, Barbara! I agree... It's always good to step away and reconsider what the painting itself needs!!! (and hard to do!) XOXOXO