Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Let There Be Songs - Show Tip #18

Let There Be Songs, 18 x 18, oil on canvas, L. Daniel © 2016

You may find it interesting that music was the artistic path in my family of origin. As soon as my sisters and I learned how to read, our parents signed us up for piano lessons. We also all played a second instrument, sang in school and church choirs (our dad was the choir director), and participated in school musicals. It's a great legacy, and I learned a lot from those lessons even though I eventually moved on to the visual arts. The biggest lesson? Practice, practice, practice! I discovered the correlation between practice and mastery (and vice versa), and it's a lesson that crosses over all disciplines. 

Side note: No, I do not still play the piano, in case you are wondering. I also learned that you just can't do everything. :)

Show Tip #18 - Take Your Best Shot (photo, that is)
Getting a really good photo of my paintings is really important. I need them for use on my website, to send to my galleries, and for advertising of any kind. Here is a quick overview of my method: I set up a tripod (every time), use a good SLR set on highest resolution, shoot work outside in the shade at an angle that doesn't catch the glare (experiment with this), make sure the camera lens is parallel to the picture plane, shoot three graduated exposures (called "bracketing"). The best time of day is when your shadow is longest and most protective - early morning and late afternoon. Overcast days are great when they coincide. After the shoot, I upload them to my computer, choose the best exposure, crop and format the images in Photoshop, and save them in special file folders by year and genre. Photographing artwork is a skill that takes practice, and I highly recommend learning it. If you know a professional photographer, consider offering to pay him or her for a lesson with your own camera; or find a class. It will be worth it. 

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Sharon L. Graves said...

I can almost hear the melody from that beautiful painting. Excellent instruction on photographing paintings. I like your filing system. Might change mine to something similar.