Thursday, September 15, 2011

Point Lobos - Six Quick Studies

Point Lobos Study 1, L. Daniel, 6 x 9, NFS

Last week I had the great fortune to attend the Weekend with the Masters  in Monterey, CA -  four days filled with workshops, demos, and lectures featuring some of our country's best artists and teachers. I spent one of the days studying with Ray Roberts, who focused on painting quickly in the field to capture important shapes and fleeting color notes. Learning to work fast means being able to bring home more options for painting a scene larger and more carefully in the studio. We did 30 minute studies, repositioned, and started again.

Some tips for doing 30 minute studies? Do not limit your palette (bring primary and secondary colors). Premix tints. Keep it simple (really simple). Use lots of paint. Focus on getting correct values and identifying major color families. Do not try to get finished paintings - stop when you have the notes you need. And practice, practice, practice. 

These are the studies I finished that day at Point Lobos in Monterey. It was an incredibly fruitful day and I think I caught the rhythm of something that will really benefit my work. Many thanks to Ray Roberts. (These studies are not for sale.)

Point Lobos Study 2, 6 x 9, NFS

Point Lobos Study 3, 6 x 9, NFS

Point Lobos Study 4, 6 x 9, NFS

Point Lobos Study 5, 6 x 9, NFS

Point Lobos Study 6, 6 x 9, NFS


Denise Rose said...

Really good studies Laurel! I think the value of learning to just get the basics down in a small amount of time are invaluable when painting outside. It is a different way of thinking and you have to force yourself to do it that way since most of us paint for a "finished" painting. I like to think of it as being in a class and taking notes compared to writing a finished paper for that class at home. Thanks for the review! I love seeing what others do in classes and workshops!

Linda Nickles said...

Thank you, Laurel for taking the time to share this helpful information for painting outdoors. You are a wonderful inspiration. I like Denise's analogy -- so true!

Ruth Andre said...

These are great studies. I love them all.

Sharon L. Graves said...

love your studies Laurel. So glad you got to have such a great opportunity. Thank you for sharing your experience and your studies.

Susan said...

Great studies. I love them all.