Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Leaning Tree in Sunlight

Leaning Tree in Sunlight, L. Daniel, 9 x 12

A few days ago I posted a painting of this scene at Rosario Beach (in WA) on an overcast, drizzly morning. I had several people mention that they would love to see the scene on a sunny day. Well, here it is. The day I scoped out painting sites was a brilliant, sunny afternoon, and I took photographs to remember some of my ideas for my days of painting. Of course, when I went back it looked totally different, but the time I spent painting it on location (studying the shapes and relationships) helped me bring the sunny day photo to life back in the studio. 

The plein air piece of the grey day is below - just for the fun of comparing and contrasting. You can see I painted new one from farther away and corrected the shape of the peninsula while I was at it. :)

 Leaning Tree, L. Daniel, 9 x 12


Debbi Smith Rourke said...

Wow what a contrast in mood and color - and you certainly nailed it!! Just gorgeous. Actually both are -this one has the sunny glow and the original is so moody and atmospheric. You certainly know how to capture each setting.

Marian Fortunati said...

Isn't it fabulous how totally different a scene can look with different light and atmosphere???

I'm surprised at myself, but I think I like the grey day scene the best!

Jerry Stocks said...

Both paintings are soooo beautiful!!!

Kathy Cousart said...

Both paintings are beautiful and capture a totally different feeling and mood. That takes some major talent to be able to transfer that to the canvas. I like them both and loved seeing them together to learn and compare the differences. Gorgeous.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

very atmospheric. I can feel the hot hazy day in the top one.

Sheriart said...

Both work for me. These are great. Thanks for sharing.

Barbara Muir said...

Both paintings are superb Laurel.

Great work.


Randall said...

I like the Leaning Tree nice one Laurel!