Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunlit Vine

Sunlit Vine, L. Daniel, 6 x 8, SOLD
This is another quaint little shed at Westlake Beach (so curious about what's inside and will have to ask next time I get a chance.) What really caught my eye was the way the dappled sunlight struck this bountiful vine that is reaching over the fence... it so wants to be on the inside with all the beach fun!
UPDATE: Turns out that this little building started out as Grandma Depwe's "Lake Cabin"; and this is where she cooked up many one-skillet sensations for her children and grandchildren. It later became "David's Refreshment Center" offering visitors everything from Dreamsicles and Fudge Bars to bamboo fishing poles and 25 cent inner tubes. When David went off to college, it became a storage shed, but apparently it still houses two old refridgerators that were spray painted blue back in the day! (Who knows, maybe the refreshment center will make a comeback!)
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John Farnsworth said...

Hi Laurel,

"Sunlit Vine" is a real winner. A great example of making an beautiful painting from something most would pass by without really seeing. Have been enjoying your work for a while, now, and am adding you to my blogroll, so more can enjoy.

John Farnsworth

Ruth Andre said...

Laurel, I love the blooming vine but I also love the subtle colors in the shed and background. This painting is so lovely.

Chris De Dier said...

The stylized forest in the background and the colors you used for it are beautiful. Excellent painting!

Martyn Chamberlin said...

Very airy Laurel. The shadow color on the vine is as light as the highlight usually is. The variety is nice. Like!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Laurel,

This is so lovely. I have just been sitting staring at it. And I've been marvelling at how you get that perfect sunlit light with such a minute shift in value. You are so impressive.


Dusty Pines said...

i really like the way you've shown the sunlight - and the subtle contrast of the browns & greens - thank you!