Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cabin Entrance

Cabin Entrance, L. Daniel, 6 x 8, SOLD

On Saturday Plein Air Austin met up to paint at the Barr Mansion, a wedding venue outside of town. The mansion itself is a cool old Victorian structure, but what caught my eye was this old cabin behind it. Here is the really sad thing... this entrance used to belong to a gorgeous ballroom that burned down this spring. I have seen pictures of the ballroom but can't actually imagine how this was connected. Maybe a service room or catering kitchen of some kind? I do know that many a wedding reception took place here and it is definitely being rebuilt. For now it's a burned out shell; literally, just to left of this scene. (Oh, the power of cropping!)

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Amy Hillenbrand said...

Wow, never heard of Barr Mansion, now I'm curious. Interesting little building in your painting it feels so Austinish.

Debbi Smith Rourke said...

You are the master of the gray greens! Love this scene. Heard about the fire on the news. Bill shot an interior scene at the Barr Mansion he wants me to paint. Maybe I'll get inspired. This is just lovely. U r a master cropper too!