Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Antiques on the Corner

Antiques On The Corner, 10 x 9, oil on panel, L. Daniel © 2017

Victorian Place Antiques in Brunswick, Georgia, sits at the intersection of Gloucester and MLK. I was drawn to this storefront by its charming angled entrance, and its architectural reminder of an era gone by. (I also loved the shady parkway that provided cool protection on a hot, steamy Georgia morning!) This building has been repurposed time and again for the various dreams of its ever changing owners. It is now full of beautiful antique treasures. If walls could speak, I am sure this place would tell many tales. 

Huge thanks to those of you who have checked in with concern about the flooding in Texas... I appreciate it so much! All is well with us, but please keep Houston and other flooded areas in your prayers! There has been much loss!

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Sharon L. Graves said...

What a lovely building. Just the kind of place I would be drawn to. I am so glad to hear you are safe and OK. Prayers go out to all of Texas for safety and peace.