Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Golden Pears - Show Tip #2

Golden Pears, 18 x 18, oil, L. Daniel © 2016
Sold in Solo Show, "Chasing Color, Finding Light", Davis Gallery

Fruit that is actually growing on the tree seems somehow fruitier, doesn't it? It must have something to do with seeing it in context... how it's connected to the tree, how it grows and how it is nourished. This bunch was on a tree in California and the pears were quite sumptuous. I loved their plumpness and how they were tucked into the boughs. 

Golden Pears Block-In (ultramarine and burnt sienna)
Note that I added a third pear to the bunch as I painted. :)

Tip #2 - Set up Deadlines

I need deadlines to get things done. When I was a graphic designer, I often made appointments to show ideas to clients BEFORE I ever did the work. Having an appointment on the calendar forced me to actually do it. Deadlines just work for me, even if self-imposed. For my show, I need more than just an end date to get all the paintings finished. SO, I figure out how many new pieces I want to include, and divide that number by the number of weeks between now and my finish date (remember to include drying and framing time). That tells me how many paintings I need to finish each week, and I can set my schedule accordingly. Number of paintings / number of weeks = number of paintings per week. (Math is not my strong suit and I inverted the equation in my original post. Sorry. Hopefully you got the gist.)

How does this take away the stress? Well, first of all, it breaks down what could feel like a giant, daunting task into smaller achievable goals. Second, it keeps me from getting bogged down in any single painting and gets me into the flow way faster than if I noodle around on one piece. Third, when I meet my goal each week I can pat myself on the back, AND take a break (it's important to feel human). Yes, even a creative can benefit from keeping a schedule. 

Here is a link to my first tip... more to come and thank you for following along!
Tip #1 - Stock up on Supplies

Painters - join me at this Plein Air Workshop:
April 28-30, Anderson Fine Art Gallery, St. Simons Island, GA
Contact Info: Mary Anderson, 912-634-8414

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Marilyn Flanegan said...

I agree and believe setting deadlines frees up both hemispheres of our brains to create. I can see that your neurotransmitters are firing away and flourishing!
This piece is so fresh and vibrant, like our frosty but sunny weather this morning.