Monday, July 14, 2014

River Marsh - Enlarged Studio Version

River Marsh, 18 x 24, oil on canvas, L. Daniel © 2014
Available now at the Anderson Fine Art Gallery

After an intense period of plein air painting, I am often inspired to take some of my smaller pieces to a larger scale. The plein air study for this piece was only 6x8, and I just had a hankering to see it bigger. Sometimes I make changes as I scale up, and other times I simply try to recreate the same spirit captured in the original. This one falls into the latter category. I loved the scene small and I love it big. :)


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I love groupings of trees, for some reason, and this cluster is knock-down FABULOUS. Birds are so well handled, too. I feel like I've just paused on a walk to the beach and encountered this. xo

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

This translates beautifully, Laurel.
I can smell the marsh grass.

Barbara Muir said...