Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Meadow - Door County Plein Air

Summer Meadow, 12 x 9, oil on panel, L. Daniel © 2012, SOLD

When I stumbled upon this golden meadow, I couldn't pass up the glorious color with the young birch-ling standing in the middle of it. I have always loved trees and birch trees were my childhood favorite when my family went camping in Northern Wisconsin. My sisters and I would peel off sheets of the papery bark, and write letters on them (don't worry, I didn't peel this one). Occasionally, we'd hit the jackpot and find large chunks of hollowed out birch bark from a fallen tree. These made great receptacles for all of our "stuff" (which consisted of rock, feather and driftwood treasures we were also collecting.)

Painted at the Door County Plein Air Festival 2012

One of the highlights of being in Wisconsin was reconnecting with dear family friends from my hometown of Racine. I didn't manage to get pictures with everyone, but here are some of the friends who surprised me mid-week...

Thank you Carl and Carolyn for the much needed break,
the sweet visit and the refreshing root beer float! :)

I heard Marilyn and Bernie talking behind me at a paintout 
and actually still recognized their voices after 30 years!


Nancy Colella said...

Sounds like an awesome visit to the mid-west! Your painting captures your love for the place so beautifully! You're inspiring me to "get outside'!

Virginia Floyd said...

Gorgeous color in the field of flowers. I love the grayed tress in the distance, and the bright greens of the birch. Lovely!

Barbara Muir said...

Beautiful painting and I loved the story about writing on Birch bark. When we were children my brother and I used to write on it too. We went to a summer cottage in Ontario and the birch trees there were beautiful. We used to pretend we were explorers who had just discovered the land.