Thursday, October 15, 2009

Morning Harvest

Morning Harvest, 24 x 36

This is an enlargement of my last post - a scene from one of our local organic farms. One thing I loved about this scene was the haze in the distance fields juxtaposed to the lit foreground. I tried to push that relationship a little bit in this larger version.

Side-note: A sweet surprise came my way yesterday - I was the featured artist on Eric Cator's "PaintBlog" site! Please go there and take a look. Eric presents a different artist each day and his blog is a great place to see a variety of wonderful work. Thank you, Eric!!!


Double "D" said...

Laurel, you've captured it well. I really like the perspective and the totally different color than your previous post. Love you paintings.
Congratulations to the featured artist.

Stephen Parker said...

Very nice, variation, Laurel. And congratulations! See you next week.

fairiemoon said...

These last two are rather different and interesting! Do I see a subtle shift in your technique? I also really love the misty paintings, every one of them.

I hear you are visiting Kathy...when are you coming to NY?

Just kidding! I know you'll come eventually and now would not be a good time for us, we are all swept up in Cub Scouts and BBall and soccer and busy. Have fun!

Love you,
Erin :)

Unknown said...

Thank you for the kind words Laurel!
It was my good fortune to discover your work, no thanks necessary.

Karen said...

I love this enlargement, and the adjustments you've made. I love how you pushed the hazy aspect and the colors

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Laurel,

I opened your blog and gasped at the beauty of this one. Wonderful. It still looks pretty summery there.