Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Loquat Cluster 2

Loquat Cluster 2, 16 x 16

My loquats are still covered with fruit! Even though they look ripe, obviously the birds are holding off. These luscious clumps of fruit have continued to beckon me, so I took another swipe at them today. I decided to make a little series of three paintings to hang together. I'll post the third one tomorrow and then the group after that.


Jala Pfaff said...

So wonderfully warm.

I forget, do you eat them too, or is it just bird-food?

David Westerfield said...

Another nice composition Laurel. And thanks for the "Passion for Painting" award.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Laurel,

The colour in this is delicious.
So great.


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Love this composition!

Robin Cheers said...

I love these floral/close up studies you are doing. Like the one in Intl. Artist. They are really unique and expressive.

Chuck Dilmore said...

Ooo, this is fabulous!

beautiful work - all of it!