Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Field of Blue

Field of Blue, 8 x 6, SOLD

You may know that Texas is known for it's Bluebonnets, a wonderful tradition started by Ladybird Johnson. Every spring we wonder if we've had enough rain (or maybe too much?) until we begin to see them lining the highways. We are always adding more because even though they are everywhere, it's never enough. Then come the Indian Paintbrushes and Winecups... it's wildflower heaven.

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Also, thank you Barbara Muir and Carol Schiff for giving me this "Passion for Painting" award! What an honor!These ladies are both wonderful painters - please visit their blogs to see their work!
The rules of this blog award are that the recipient shares 7 things he/she is passionate about, and passes the award on to 7 other deserving bloggers.
7 of my passions in life:
1) 30 years of marriage and looking forward to 30 more.
2) Watching my beautiful children become fascinating adults.
3) Nurturing treasured relationships in my life - friends, family, God.
4) Wet paint, a loaded brush and a smooth canvas.
5) Experiencing nature; both it's beauty and restoration.
6) Music of all types - the artform of my childhood.
7) Chocolate Icebox Cake on my birthday (grandma's recipe - yum.)
7 fabulous artists to watch and celebrate:


Catherine Jeffrey said...

Hi Laurel
Another wonderful painting. One can almost "smell" the warmth of spring as the eye follows the touches of coral in the purples and blues. And thank you for the "Passion for Painting" as well as the kind words of encouragement! I will look forward to sharing and passing on the award.

Jill Berry said...

Thanks for posting this wonderful bluebonnet painting. I couldn't remember exactly when they bloom. Now I'll be on the hunt for them. I brought my paints this time.

julie davis said...

Beautiful bluebonnets, Laurel. I was just telling a friend this afternoon that bluebonnets are dangerous to paint--you have to nail them, because Texans are passionate about them. And you did! Thank you for the "Passion for Painting" nod--your support and encouragement are the reward.

Barbara M. said...

Wow Laurel,

This painting is so delightful. It reminds me just a little of Ottawa in the spring, with flowers almost everywhere you look, or of Nova Scotia where blue lupins, and lupins in every colour grow wild in fields and along the roads.

You certainly deserve the award. I'm glad you put your marriage first. I put mine first too. Like you I've enjoyed a long, and happy marriage and would love it to
go on forever.

Thanks for the kind compliments. I'd better get painting!

XOXOXO Barbara

Jala Pfaff said...

I think I need grandma's recipe!

I've never seen a bluebonnet.

OK, I have a new favorite painting of yours...this one! Wow!!!!! I love the grace of the branches on that tree, too.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

I'm a transplanted Texan so I am thrilled to see bluebonnets. What a wonderful painting!

Anonymous said...

beautiful brushwork as always laurel, so fresh and free r.

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful painting. I'm delighted to have found your fabulous blog.

Thanks for the inspiration.
Still loving your brushstrokes.