Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hidden Cottage

Hidden Cottage, 12 x 16, L. Daniel
This little cottage sits next to the river and several abandoned fishing docks. It must have been connected to the fishing industry at some point, but now sits empty for repurposing. The land is up for sale, so who knows if this building will even be here next year? Yes, this is probably private property... but if there were signs, I surely didn't see them!!! ;)


Linda said...

I like the light and shadows. Your colors are beautiful and, of course, your trees are, too!! Very nice!

Barbara M. said...

Beautiful Laurel,

the colours are some of my favorites of course. Just perfect.


Sally Dean said...

i am loving your trip! Feel like I am on it.
Glad you didnt get in trouble on the private property!
Plein air painting can be a risky adventure!

fairiemoon said...

Will you take me to photograph some of these things when I am there?

See you really soon. Love you.

Erin :)