Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cloud Covered Marsh

Cloud Covered Marsh, 9 x 12, L. Daniel

St. Simons Island is a barrier island that is separated from the main land by rivers and salt marshes. These marshlands are a distinctive and evocative feature of the area - low horizontal stretches that ebb and flow with water from the tides. Large cloud banks have been rolling in each afternoon adding big drama in the sky. Love it!

Many thanks to the folks at dear ada blog for their kind mention of my small paintings!!! Check out the blog for colorful and joyous finds!!! Thanks y'all!


JimmyG said...

Gorgeous clouds and a wonderful sense of atmosphere and light : )

Caroline said...

I love the colours in the sky, the clouds are full of movement as they float across the sky.

Linda said...

Another beautiful painting and explanation of the area and your inspiration! Love it!

Thank you for the link to Dear Ada blog. It's a new blog to me so I am looking forward to exploring it!

Anonymous said...

Every time I see one of your paintings, I get the feeling - yes, that's it; that's the look and feel that feels like home.

Marian Fortunati said...

I especially love the way you've handled the clouds!!