Monday, March 5, 2012

Roadside Vista

Roadside Vista, L. Daniel, 9 x 12 

On Saturday, Plein Air Austin met up to paint some fabulous long-views up in the hills. However, the March winds arrived on cue, and we all had to find sheltered spots to keep our easels from blowing away. I parked my car on the side of the road, leaving me enough room to paint but still blocking the wind. I didn't get much of the vista but I liked my view of the roadside! I was happy.  It's always an adventure. :)


Stephen Parker said...

Beautiful picture, Laurel. Especially great job on the wiring. It looks like you scraped through the surface with something to get said wiring. Do you mind if I ask what you used. It looks really nice because there remains a variety of color in the wiring itself. You're pretty crafty.

silentwitness said...

And also a great job on your sky holes and your tree shapes and colors, as usual! This painting has a very mesmerizing mood--lovely! Hope you are feeling well!

Barbara M. said...

I love how you paint trees. So amazing.