Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Country Corral

Country Corral, 9 x 12, L. Daniel © 2012

A few of us from Plein Air Austin met up last Saturday to paint at a wonderful ranch outside of town. It was overcast and breezy (my easel actually got blown completely over when I stepped away for a minute - no damage, thank goodness) but that didn't stop any of us. Painters have to paint!!! This fabulous old corral has seen many a day, and it's weathered patina was completely enticing. Many thanks to our fabulous hosts for having us out.


Barbara M. said...

Love this Laurel, and the story. You certainly are a brave one.


Katherine Curis said...

What a soft and pretty painting, with such a great atmosphere too!

Kathy Cousart said...

Just love all the soft shifts of greens and the tiny pops of random flowers....gorgeous. Amazing trees and really love that fenceline. Just gorgeous brushwork all the way through. Very beautifully done- my new favorite.

Julia Sutliff said...

Wonderful piece. That smoky blue, dynamic sky suggests air moving and enlivens the movement throughout.