Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Sweden Church

New Sweden Church, 12 x 12

Today a group of us met at this lovely vintage church out in the countryside. It was established by Swedish immigrants in 1876 and this building was built in 1923 (they had outgrown their original stone building down the road, where the cemetary still stands.) The copper steeple is 104 feet tall and can be seen for miles in the surrounding farmland. Being a good Scandinavian myself (my maiden name is Anderson) I felt right at home here. :)


Linda said...

Nice composition and I like the shadows. It certainly is a beautiful structure and large, beautiful trees around it. You captured this country church and its vintage quality in your painting.

Sally Dean said...

I love this- strong composition and color is great.
I like the description of place- I have never ever been to Texas but I feel like I know it better through your paintings.

Nancy Colella said...

I enjoy your paintings so much! Your compositions and paint handling are exquisite. I'm from New England and we are just now getting the chance to get outside to paint!

David Westerfield said...

Nice laurel! I'd like to paint some country churches. The Swedish-founded denomination I belong to is celebrating it's 125th anniversary this summer. I need to locate some of the old churches.

Róisín O'Farrell said...

Hi Laurel,

i love this one. Beautifully exucuted.

Barbara M. said...

Wow Laurel,

What a beautiful painting and church.
I wonder if it is Gustavian grey and gold inside. Those were my favorite churches in Stockholm. Lovely painting. You rock!


Barbara M. said...
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Barbara M. said...

Hi Laurel,

Sorry I posted my comment twice. Oops. Need more coffee.

Take care,


Hania said...

I love your paintings and your technic. I will definately come here again to see your new paintings
Best wishes

Hélène Glehen said...

Great work ! Love it with the previous one, the Blossoming trees.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Beautiful edges here, Laurel.

Kirby said...

Very Nice Church!!