Saturday, February 7, 2015

Twirling Pine - Tree Gesture 1

Twirling Pine, 8 x 6, oil on panel, L. Daniel © 2015
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This month I will be posting weekly painting challenges for my friends at Daily Paintworks online gallery. This week's challenge is tree gestures - capturing the essence and posture of a tree without getting bogged down in its details (click HERE for full description)I will post my own efforts for each challenge, and would love for painter friends to join me. If you are not a painter, please join the fun by simply appreciating the wonderful, idiosyncratic gestures of trees in your world. 

"Give a tree its gesture… in a tree there is a spirit of life, a spirit of growth and a spirit of holding its head up.”  The Art SpiritRobert Henri

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Barbara Muir said...

This tree looks very like the pines that grow on the rocky shores of the great lakes (and on many smaller lakes in Ontario). I know what you mean. The trees now are doing this reaching gesture they do in the spring. It's a complete change from their early winter stillness -- like a cat stretching after a nap.