Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Budding Cactus

Budding Cactus, 6 x 8, oil on panel, L. Daniel © 2013

I fully intended to paint a creek bed on this particular day. However, when I got there the shadows were already washed out by the rising sun. Luckily I had spotted this jaunty cactus on the path. Sometimes you just have to punt. :) It was beautifully backlit and I even had some shade to stand in. The cactus buds were barely beginning to open, a lovely promise of bright, golden flowers. I am sure it's in full bloom now. 


Barbara Muir said...

A great painting and super description. You left me with both your wonderful image, and the image of the flowers unfolding.


Tracey Mardon said...

Such a feeling of promise and it sure offered a great value balance. We had a great time!!
Xo Tracey

Stephen Parker said...

Beautifil, Laurel. Love the atmospherics, they really focus the attention on the subject.