Sunday, March 20, 2011

Help Japan - painting for auction

Hillside Wonder (study), L. Daniel, 6 x 8, SOLD 

My gallery buddies at Daily Paintworks are hosting an online art auction to raise funds for relief efforts in Japan, and this piece is on the auction block.

Please visit our site and click the Help Japan Challenge link to see wonderful paintings by participating artists and have some fun with the auction! Remember all the money will go to helping the people of Japan.

A little bit of background on the auction theme: Artists are invited to submit/donate a piece that represents "home" to them (it's not too late, artist friends). I chose this big sky of Texas because, for me, it represents both a sense of power and a feeling peace. This is my greatest wish for the people of Japan right now... power to rebuild and peace on the way. 

Proceeds of my sale will go to the Japanese Red Cross Society. 


googl said...

we should help to japan to recover from this crisis. Its very bad time for japan.

Yahoo Japan Auction

Louise Clark said...

I like your silent art auction I think it really looks good. I also like the color of the umbrellas too I think that it’s awesome and colourful. Also congratulations on raising a lot of money that was amazing! Welcomearts