Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Upper Falls Flowing

Upper Falls Flowing (enlarged from a plein air piece), L. Daniel, 18 x 36

I have been seriously "Missing In Action" for the last couple of weeks; completely consumed with changing and updating my website. It took way more time than I expected but I am very excited with the results! My new one displays way more artwork and is much easier to keep updated, so it was well worth it. Please check it out: www.laureldaniel.com - and sign up for the newsletter while you are there. (I promise I won't send many... just occasional show announcements and updates.) 

Now I can get happily back to painting!! :)


Kathy Cousart said...

The sky is beautiful and the falls flowing through the scene is very peaceful. Very well done:)
I checked out your new website. Really nice. Very crisp/fresh and easy to navigate.

julie davis said...

Laurel, the new site is GREAT!! Easy to explore and shows you and your work off so well. Bravo!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

That is one SLAMMIN' website. Perfect! I like that the images are big enough not to HAVE to enlarge them, but you are still able to see them bigger. Great work. Well worth your effort!

Mitzi Easley said...

Love this painting Laurel - I'm drawn in by the shady side from where I could happily sit and gaze at the sunny side. Well done!

Stephanie Berry said...

Your website is terrific! I especially enjoyed your florals.

Lisa Daria said...

Love the reflections on the water. This composition is great.