Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bare Sentinels

Bare Sentinels, L. Daniel, 6 x 6, SOLD

We are having unseasonably warm weather in Texas, but the bare trees are a reminder that its actually winter. I really love the faded colors of the landscape at this time of year; and views typically blocked are now wide open. There is always something new in nature...

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Susan Roux said...

Very nice. Merry Christmas.

Debbi Smith Rourke said...

So nice to see your paintings again - even in winter. Love your new website too. Have a fantastic Christmas!!! xoxo

fairiemoon said...

I love the quality of the tops of the trees in this one and the one that follows it!

I love you and Merry Christmas!
Erin :)

Randall Cogburn said...

I like this one Laurel. The colors are nice and I like the sense of space and distance. Haven't been to your blog in a while and do have to say it seems youve changed a bit do you think so?