Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mountain Meadow

Mountain Meadow - Montana, 16 x 20

This is a commission piece I just finished. I don't do many of these and it always fills me with a small degree of fear. (Painting for someone else is just different than painting for yourself!) My number one rule is that I have to have been to the place. My number two rule is that I have painted there and know something about the color and light. Then I try and combine my client's ideas with my own experience to come up with something that connects.

Here is the progression from left (the scene we started with) to right (the scene with alterations/final painting). Each painting informed the next as I "pushed" the composition. The last one seemed to best capture the wide open places and big skies of Montana; the foreground trees providing an important sense of scale. Many thanks to my new friend and patron, D.K., for giving me great artistic freedom and for removing the fear!!

Mountain Meadow - composition progression

On another note, I want to thank Barbara Muir for awarding me the Bella Sinclair Award for "Friendship, Sisterhood, Sharing and Caring." I am so thrilled and honored by getting it from her - SHE is the ultimate sister and friend of sharing and caring! In blog-award tradition, I get to pass this on to other blog sisters who have also been very encouraging to me: Carol Schiff, Catherine Jeffrey, Jala Pfaff, Janelle Goodwin, Karen Phipps, Marion Fortunati, Nancy Hartley, Pam Holnback, Rahina Qh, and my own real-life sister Erin Kleider.


Trish Siegel said...

Definitely Big Sky Country and beautiful work as always. I am glad you included the progression of the piece as you reworked the composition. Your willingness to share this work along with your thought processes are a tremendous gift to all of us. You are a great teacher and friend, and I am constantly learning from you. You are most deserving of the Bella Sinclair Award.

Michelle said...

Your painting is wonderful and so serene.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Laurel,

Love the painting and the description of process. One of the things I say at the beginning of a commission is "have you seen my work?" Of course you want to please the client, and the painting has to be yours -- because it is. Thanks for your sweet message about me, I feel exactly the same about you.


Anonymous said...

as always you have captured that light with such magic... your paintings are always such an inspiration and i admire your tenacity and energy in painting. and thank you for the award, it came as as a lovely surprise:)r.

Janelle Goodwin said...

Your painting is full of light and energy, and is an inspiration to the rest of us. You're certainly deserving of the Bella Sinclair award. It's such a wonderful surprise that you listed me as on of the recipients. Thanks you!!!

Karen said...

Thank you Laurel for thinking of me with the award! I'm so flattered because it's me who always comes here to you to learn!
I loved to see the progression here, and the final version. Yes you've definitely captured the 'bigness' out there, and the magical serenity. Your client must me thrilled!

Stephen Parker said...

I second what Trish said. You're such a sharing artist. And what a wonderful result for your client!

Nancy B. Hartley said...

Laurel, I loved seeing the progression. Beautiful, as always! You are most deserving of the Bella Sinclair Award. You are so positive, and generous with your encouragement and kind words! I feel surprised and honored to be one of your recipients of the Bella Sinclair Award! What a special treat! Again, many, many, thank yous!

Catherine Jeffrey said...

I agonize over commissions so much that it is hardly worth doing them. I did a sailboat commission and we emailed back and forth over the most minute elements re: where he was sitting on the boat, should I put the canvas in. Your client sounds like a very collaborative person.
All three images are beautiful. Personally, I would have a hard time choosing!
And thank you for the award. Positive words of encouragement are an important part of the process of learning and growing and being motivated. Blogging allows us to have this interaction. I sometimes think that there should be a convention sometime where all the bloggers could bring their wares and meet face to face!

Jack said...

Your paintings are so wonderful..U got a great talent too..
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