Monday, June 22, 2009

Grain Silos

Grain Silos, 7 x 5, SOLD
I think these silos held grain but but to be completely honest, I am not really sure. :) I just loved the cylindrical shapes and the way the sun was hitting them.
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Carol Schiff Studio said...

I'm noticing a trend here in your latest paintings.....houses and such! It's an interesting addition to your landscapes, which of course, are killer!

Stephen Parker said...

Old agricultural structures like this always remind me of my grandfather's farm in Ohio. And your colors make the memory all the warmer.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Laurel,

These are very cheery silos, and wonderful trees. Great light, super colour. Another beauty.


Karen said...

Hi laurel, I'm really liking these last few building paintings. They're a great complement to the landscapes. And they have this nostalgic kind of feeling to them too.

Jane Hunt said...

I love the way the silos rise up through the trees - beautiful!

Jack said...

You got a good sense of color..Nice paintings..
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