Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Morning Shadows - En Plein Air Texas!

Morning Shadows, 12 x 16, oil on panel, L. Daniel © 2015

I am back from San Angelo, Texas, to report on En Plein Air Texas! The event included 35 juried painters, who arrived for a week of non-stop painting. We checked in last Sunday and hit the streets with brushes in hand on Monday morning. We painted downtown, on ranches, in villages and neighborhoods, at a winery, and on many highways and byways in between. 

On Friday, we turned in our framed wet paintings to be hung and judged by fabulous painter, Gay Faulkenberry. It was an INCREDIBLE show full of gorgeous work, and awards were plentiful and well-earned. On Saturday morning, we went out painting again for a 2 hour Quick Draw, and had another round of judging. I didn't win anything in the big show, but I got 3rd place in the Quick Draw (so honored)! We all sold a lot of paintings, and had a WONDERFUL time. 

This was my first painting of the week. When I saw this beautiful church, I loved not only the architecture, but the way it was backlit by the rising sun. It was actually a pretty cold morning, and I even had to wear my fingerless gloves to stay warm! It was worth it... this piece was one of my favorites! I heard later that it was purchased by a church member who gave it to the church to be hung in the parlor. I was/am thrilled!

I will be posting one painting at a time from my week, so I can share the process and my thoughts from the experience. Please stay tuned!

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Sharon L. Graves said...

This is truly a beautiful painting and I'm sure the parishioners will love seeing it.