Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ranch Sky and Panorama Photo!

Ranch Sky, 8 x 16, oil on panel, L. Daniel © 2014

A couple of weeks ago I met up with a photographer friend of mine, Scott David Gordon, to shoot one of his amazing panoramas. Scott is very close to completing a project called "Panorama 365" in which he challenged himself to create 365 panoramic images. This body of work includes cityscapes and country-scapes, long views and short views, AND... artists at work in their studios. 

Click on image to see it larger… photographer: Scott David Gordon

I was thrilled when Scott invited me to be one of his subjects for the project; and even more delighted when he suggested we do an "outdoor studio" shot. Since plein air painting is such a big part of my process, he reasoned that this would be just the right approach. I completely agreed and the collaboration began. Scott took pictures of me at different stages of painting, and was able to visualize ahead of time how the various angles could be stitched together to tell the story. The image he created beautifully captures it all. I think you will all agree with me that the photo is awesome! Thank you, Scott!! I am very honored to be part of "Panorama 365". 

Side note: "Ranch Sky" (painting above) was in process on my easel for the shoot. I thought it only right to do a panorama for the panorama! :)

Click HERE to see and read more about Scott's "Panorama 365" project.
Click HERE to see my panorama on his website and blog write up.


Penelope Lentz said...

That's EXACTLY what I said, AWESOME PHOTO. Course it helps to have YOU as the model!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

at first I thought it was your plein aire outdoor class ;)
it is SO COOL!

silentwitness said...

Beautiful painting, as always! Definitely transports me to a lovely "place."

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Laurel,

I am staying at a little Inn in Nova Scotia where the Internet is flickering like a candle in the wind.
So I hope that my love of this painting, and of the super exciting photo panorama of you gets through to you. You are lovely from every angle. And your work is beyond beautiful.