Thursday, October 6, 2011

One Chocolate and One Vanilla

One Chocolate Cupcake (after Wayne Thiebaud), L. Daniel, 7 x 5

One of my very favorite artists is Wayne Thiebaud, painter of desserts (and other objects of every day life.) In my still life class this fall, we have been looking at his work closely and taking inspiration from his thickly applied paint, colorful shadows and juicy edges. Of course, I had to take the challenge myself. SO, with great admiration and all due respect... here are some sprinkled cupcakes in the spirit and manner of Mr. Thiebaud

It must be noted that if Thiebaud was painting these cupcakes, the paintings would be at least 10 times larger. If you have seen his work in person, you know what I mean. BIG. I learned so much trying to emulate his style and hope my students did too!

One Vanilla Cupcake (after Wayne Thiebaud), L. Daniel, 7 x 5


Kathy Cousart said...

What a fun post and love the paintings. Your gorgeous brushwork really shows up in those backgrounds and your skill shows up in the delicate paper and sprinkles. Lucky students and a wonderful lesson.

Barbara M. said...

Delicous. Big or small, these are tempting morsels. Beautifully painted. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.


Angela said...

These are both the cutest.