Saturday, May 14, 2011

Golden Splinters - 5 x 7 Art Splurge Show

Golden Splinters, L. Daniel, 5 x 7 

This weekend was/is the ever popular "Five x Seven Art Splurge" in Austin. It's a big fundraiser that benefits the educational programs at the Jones Center Arthouse and the above painting is one of my donations. For the second year in a row, I had to miss the big event because I am still in Georgia. I guess it's a small price to pay, but I do love this annual show and party. The exhibit includes hundreds of 5 x 7 artworks of every shape, style, medium and color; and all displayed anonymously. On the first night nothing can be purchased until a buzzer goes off at 9 pm. Each work costs $150 and it's a huge grab fest - competitive art buying at its best. SO MUCH FUN!!!

If you are in Austin, the show is open all weekend.
Hours: Saturday 12-9 pm, Sunday 12-5 pm, Mon-Tues closed, Wed 12-11pm.
Exhibition will be up until June 12.

Sneak preview of my second donated piece in case you go
(will post officially tomorrow):

Hill Country Color, L. Daniel, 5 x 7


David Westerfield said...

Laurel, as usual, nice painterly quality and color. That sounds like a fun event. I would happy to participate in something like that if we had it around here.

Barbara M. said...

Beautiful work Laurel,
and that sounds like a wonderful event.

The lucky person who bought this will be delighted that this is your fantastic work.


Brad Miedema said...

These are beautiful Laurel! I really enjoy your work. Makes me want to paint more landscapes.

Martha Cowan said...

Your work is so beautiful. The color and subject are what captivate me.

Tracey Mardon said...

This little gem will have a strong cluster of folks vying for it. It shows up beautifully on the DPW post! Too bad you'll miss the evening but I'm sure you're having a great time n Goergia!

claire christinel said...

Both your donations are lovely Laurel, but I particularly love the back light (that you do so well), in this one. Feels good to give I'm sure!

Marilyn said...

Your brushwork adds to the relaxed elegance of your paintings, Laurel. What a cool event - the anticipation before the bell goes off and I like that the artist's names are revealed after the purchase - a true fun-draiser!