Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tin Shed

Tin Shed, 12 x 12

The town of Fort Davis is really small and it has some really interesting streets and alleys. Driving through the neighborhoods, the strong patterns of light and shadow on this tin shed caught my eye. There was also a good vantage point across the street where I could park my car and set up my gear (an important component, believe it or not.)

While I was painting, the owner of the shed drove up, gave me a nod, and went inside. Minutes later, he came back out and drove around the block, clearly to see what I was doing. He didn't stop, he just took a long look and quietly went back in his house. It's funny how different people react; sometimes they stop and chat, sometimes they ignore me completely... I think this was my first "drive-by"...

Side note: Thank you Sally Dean and M.F. Bruno for the Sunshine award!!!


Vijay said...

This is lovely , hope you don't ming if I try to paint this


Carol Schiff Studio said...

Laurel, Your trees are a thing of beauty, so soft, but strong at the same time. The highlights on the leaves are just right.

Sally Dean said...

what a great painting- Carol said it right- soft and strong. Do you paint in your car?