Friday, October 23, 2009

Blue Skies (smilin' at me)

Blue Skies (smilin' at me), 6 x 8
Last Saturday I attempted to paint out with our Plein Air Austin group. It was a beautiful day and a really great location, but I was just too distracted to paint (I had a few show details hanging over my head, and probably shouldn't have even tried it!) After many starts followed by as many wipedowns, my friend Kathleen made me stop and keep the sketch that is below. Yesterday, I was finally able to catch my breath, revisit the little sketch, and paint the one that is above. Must remember to breathe... :)
My show opens tomorrow night and I am very excited! Thanks for all your good wishes and support!
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Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

Thanks for posting the study, along with the finished piece, it's interesting to see the translation.
Best of luck tomorrow!

Trish Siegel said...

Beautiful recovery! As you know, I'm a big believer in breathing! :)
'Looking forward to tomorrow night!

Barbara M. said...

Hi Laurel,

This is so beautiful. I really hope everything goes marvellously well with your show, and that all who enter
recognize and honour your formidable talent.


Gwen Bell said...

Love the study and the painting. Thanks for including both...and I'm so glad you kept going because the results are wonderful! Well Wishes on your show!

Marian Fortunati said...


Have a wonderful show!!

Tim Schutz said...

Great stuff. Beautiful work! Good luck on your show.

Casabranca said...

You have a great alla prima expression.
Best Regards from Portugal