Saturday, September 12, 2009

Foggy Treetops

Foggy Treetops, 7 x 5

This is the last of four color studies in which I took two colors, mixed them for a variety of muted neutrals, and added white for value shifts. In this piece I used red and green (yes, Christmas Red and Green.) What I enjoyed most about these little experiments was discovering many ways to say "grey day", without using the obvious black and white.

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Note from Colorado: Workshops, demos and panel discussions have been unbelievably fabulous; and each day is jam-packed. Best of all, there is a wonderful spirit of generosity and support both from instructors and other students.


Johnnie Sielbeck said...

Soak it up, enjoy the company, paint like crazy and have a safe trip home. It's RAINING here!!!!!!!

Jane Hunt said...

I'm so glad (and soooo jealous) the workshop was great!
I'm enjoying the colors in these.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

these are wonderfully atmospheric and celebrate fog, which is lovely but so hard to paint.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Laurel,

The grey were taught in watercolour class was burnt sienna and ultramarine blue mixed with white. Thanks for expanding my grey knowledge big time. I actually purchased grey paint last year for the first time in my life! This is another really beautiful painting.



Fábio Cembranelli said...

Wonderful colors and subject.

susan hong-sammons said...

Hello, Your work is amazing. I just went through everything and learned so much and enjoyed it all.

Karen said...

So cool to see these fog studies. I love all the subtle shifts that you've shown can be gotten with just the two colors. I'm curious, did you systematically work through the complements?
This may now be on my agenda...