Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Islands in the Bay

Islands in the Bay, 9 x 12
Warner Islands, Shinnecock Bay, under the Ponquogue Bridge

I just returned from a great week of painting on Long Island where the light is a completely different than what we see here in Texas. The moisture in the marine air diffuses and alters the atmosphere; while the surrounding ocean and inland ponds create constant reflection and refraction. It all makes for a rich visual experience, especially when you are not used to it! In my next few posts I will share my efforts at capturing a bit of that special essence.

We also had a fabulous time reconnecting with dear, East coast friends! Thanks all!


Barbara M. said...

Hi Laurel,

This is delicious, and you are absolutely right about the difference in the light. It is totally different.


Karen said...

How cool that as soon as I looked at this, before reading, I knew it was somewhere other than TX. Thanks for that lesson (to rally look!) too.

fairiemoon said...

Oh, I love this one. It is so serene!

Erin :)