Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tom Miller Dam

Below the Dam, 12 x 16

Autumn is finally arriving here and this has been a week of clear, cool days. It's absolutely glorious! Yesterday afternoon it was quiet down by the dam (before the afternoon dog walkers I guess). A sweet mother with her 3 children stopped by my easel and the kids all told me about their art endeavors. I love those kind of visits - maybe one of them will be a painter some day!

The Tom Miller Dam was built in 1938-1940 on top of the remains of two other dams that were swept away by flooding some time before that. It separates Lake Austin and Ladybird Lake (both are part of a long chain of lakes that runs through the Ausin area.)


Kate said...

This is stunning, beautiful. At age 6 (I'm told), an artist named MaryAnn Frieze came to our house and did pastel portraits of us children. Apparently, for weeks afterward, I put a pillowcase on my head (she had long hair?) and traipsed about the house chanting, "My name is MaryAnn Frieze." So you may well have made a real impression on a youngster!

Barbara M. said...

Just awesome as usual. You've captured the beautiful feel of the day with your signature style.

Great work.

Take care,


Laurel Daniel said...

Kate, that is the funniest story! We should have a tea party in honor of all the MaryAnn Frieze People in our lives. If you show up at a paintout with a pillowcase on your head, I will know EXACTLY what is going on!!!! (I can only hope to have made half the impression!)

Barbara - thank you so much!! Do you have a MaryAnn Frieze??

Mine was my Aunt Lila. Really, a tea party is in order!

Jala Pfaff said...

Marvelous color!!!